Deep Tissue Myofascial Massager

Deep Tissue Myofascial Massager

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The Stress Relieving Muscle Massager with Minimal Effort on your Hands and Wrists!


Nothing beats a good way of releasing chronic muscle tension! Myofascial Massager, the best tool for performing deep tissue and trigger point massage, this plastic thumb topper allows you to give deeper therapy without increasing the strain on your hand.

Myofascial Massager is ergonomically designed so that you won't feel stress on your thumb when you exert force. It can be used comfortably with oil or cream and easily washed with soap and water.

The Perfect Deep Tissue Massage Tool


The Myofascial Massager is perfect for deep tissue massage on all parts of the body. Its unique design helps save your hand/wrist from unneeded stress and pain that is normally incorporated with manual massage while giving a deep stress relieving massage.

Because of its compact design, Myofascial Massager be accurately placed on the acupressure point to execute precise, deep tissue massage.


Simple acupressure points to treat backaches


Use on yourself or massage others


Myofascial Massager can be used on yourself (Thigh, Feet, Arms, Calves, Etc.) as well as on others (Back, Neck, Hamstrings and all other hard to reach parts).  Very convenient for travel and easy to store! Easy to wash and dry to keep the tool clean and sanitary.  


  • It is recommended to use this with massage oil to for a more effective deep tissue massage and protect skin from discomfort due to dry friction
  • If you have any existing condition, consult your doctor before using the Myofascial Massager
  • Pregnant women should check with their doctors first if they are considering getting a message. 


  • Saves your thumbs and joints from the normal wear and tear associated with manual massage
  • Helps you apply the perfect amount of pressure with minimal effort to get a deep trigger point massage
  • Perfect for self massage, as well as using to massage others
  • Fit hands perfectly, allowing you to get a tight grip for maximum effectiveness
  • Durable hard plastic material that will withstand varying pressures


  • Size: 5.3 x 1.4 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Material: ABS Plastic
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