Adjustable Hands Free Dog Leash with Double Leashes for Running & Walking

Adjustable Hands Free Dog Leash with Double Leashes for Running & Walking

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USING A CONVENTIONAL HANDHELD DOG LEASH WHILE RUNNING IS USUALLY A PAIN IN THE ASS, LET ALONE FOR TWO DOGS! Thanks to PETNINJA HANDS FREE LEASH, you can run, hike, jog, or walk with your dogs safely and comfortably without holding a leash! 

Main Features:

DOUBLE DOG & HANDS FREE LEASH: This Hands Free Dog Leash was designed that can be used with two dogs at the same time.

BUNGEE SHOCK: The innovative bungee was designed specifically for sudden pull or jerk. Any unwanted force is absorbed and the bungee gently pulls your pup back on track avoiding injury to both you and your dog.

REFLECTIVE THREADING AND STITCHING: There is nothing better than taking a walk in the early morning or late evening. The Hands Free Dog Leash has reflective stitching running the full length of the belt and the leash that will help with your visibility and safety.

STORAGE: Your new leash comes with a Waist Pouch that has THREE pockets for convenient storage space. You can use the main pocket to store treats for your loved pet and your phone or cash/cards/ID. The side pockets are spacious enough for keys and/or poop bags. 

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The Hands Free Dog Leash is made from a high-quality water-resistant nylon with continuous luminous reflective stitching for all the leash length. That reflective stitching will help you when you're walking your friend at dawn, by keeping you visible. The alloys used are high quality and durable and won't snap under high pressure. 

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