Weather Predicting Storm Glass

Weather Predicting Storm Glass

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Discover The Wonder Of Weather Prediction!


Imagine predicting weather by simply glancing at the window. Now you can, with this beautiful, weather-predicting ornament. Storm Glasses have been used by sailors to forecast storms for over a century.They gained popularity in 1859, after the Royal Charter Storm, when the Crown distributed Storm Glasses to small fishing communities around the British Isles as protection from severe weather.

The Storm Glass is a sealed, liquid-filled glass container that changes based on weather conditions. It can predict sunny weather, cloudy weather, thunderstorms, even blizzards.

These amazing glasses delight people everywhere and make wonderful gifts. They’re a beautiful addition to your interiors. Place them in the living room, office, or bedroom. All ages, from children to elders will love them. The Storm Glass is also a great conversation starter, making it an ideal corporate gift.

Just Place it By A Window, and Watch It Do its Magic.

The Storm Glass changes with the weather:

  1. Clear liquid means sunny and bright
  2. Crystals on the bottom forecast: thick air or frost
  3. Dim liquid with small stars warn of thunderstorms
  4. Large flakes indicate heavy air, overcast skies and snow during winter
  5. Crystal threads form on the upper part of the liquid in windy weather
  6. Small dots predict fog or dampness
  7. Flakes rise and float on the top when there’s wind in the upper air
  8. Small stars during a sunny winter day means it will snow in a day or two
  9. The higher the crystals, the colder it will be in winter

Give the gift of wonder this holiday season by ordering your Storm Glass today.

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